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Business Assessment & Business Analysis

We provide business assessment information and services ranging from concise executive summary overviews, to detailed comprehensive treatments. Our expertise includes the following:

·        Operational & financial analysis. It's one thing to report revenues and the bottom line and variances against prior periods; it's quite another to determine what's driving the trends, and what can be done to influence the situation going forward. Together with providing valued products or services, doing effective marketing, and keeping the costs down, this analytical skill should be at the heart of any ambitious business. If you've only had mediocre analysis in the past, you really need to experience the good stuff.

·        Business performance indicators. The development and tracking of key measurements, including financial, operational, customer, and market, are absolutely critical to the successful management of any sophisticated business. All too often this is limited strictly to accounting information, and/or is "buried" in a vast amount of data. We can help determine which metrics are really key, and then make them easily understandable; including trends, performance against goals, and prior history.

·        Product line profitability. Determining the true incremental costs and resultant contribution to the business of individual product lines and / or distribution channels can be a key component in pricing strategy, capacity expansion evaluations, the setting of cost-containment priorities, analysis of possible divestitures, and other key management decisions. Too often, traditional allocations of overhead can distort the real impact of product lines significantly.


In the following two areas, we are not experts, but we know enough to ask the right questions as part of a business assessment:

·        Strategy assessment & development. What are the likely competitive reactions to your planned strategic move? Will you have a reasonably sustainable competitive advantage? Will the presence (or absence) of barriers to entry help or hinder you? Could the plan perhaps be fortified or enhanced?

·        Competitor & market analysis is critical to formulating new business development plans, and in keeping abreast of what's going on in your competitive landscape. Don't get blind-sided.

We can use modeling, forecasting, & budgeting, including "what-if" scenario's, predictive range-of-outcomes (under differing sets of assumptions), and detailed financial and operating commitments to measure and control the on-going results of the business. Knowing your upside and your downside can be critical to understanding your risks, managing your growth, and deciding when to sell your business. The power of having real insight into the present financial state of your business, and where the present trends are likely to carry you, should never be underestimated.

If you are interested in discussing your business objectives in confidence and without obligations, we welcome the chance to talk with you.

Business Development Solutions

Jay Whitney, President