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I wanted to write you a letter of gratitude for your handling and care on my business purchase.  Since this transaction was my first, I didn’t know what to expect but after carefully evaluating several brokers, I learned what I needed in order for this to work.  I took notice after our first meeting when my intentions to interview you became your interview of me.  That told me that you were not going to take just anyone and that you truly do accept a limited number of clients.  Not everyone does that. 

On your website you state, We represent our clients and look out for our client's best interests – always”.  This was “always” the case and no matter the subject, I never felt like you deviated from this thought.  It was refreshing to hear the words, “No. this is not something you should consider”, even when my patience level grew thin.  Your financial aptitude and the way you surgically translated the numbers are what made this deal a go.  Some of the other values I saw throughout the research that I view as invaluable are:

·        Your in depth knowledge of marketing, finance, accounting and business acquisition & strategy

·        You relationships with bankers – helping to negotiate the best rates and terms

·         Negotiating the purchase agreement

·         References – legal, outsourcing

·        Responsiveness – I cannot recall any message that was left unattended to for more than 24 hrs.

·         Very detailed due diligence process

I know I have left out many others. 

I have told several that your handling of this purchase ranks up at the top of any service agreement in any industry that I have ever experienced.  Please let me know if I could ever be a reference for you in the future.  I would be glad to tell them the Davco story.  I look forward to using your interim CFO services and continuing our relationship.  Deepest gratitude from my family and I to you.

Mike Godfey,Acquisition Search Client


I know of no other business broker which provides the level of continuous, sophisticated support that you are able to give to your clients.  Both ______ and ______ have expressed how pleased they were with your services, especially your breadth of knowledge about the process and your ability to make sense of sometimes complicated financial disclosures.  From the legal side, you have consistently focused in on what are the important issues to a particular transaction and have improved my understanding of what our mutual client needs for a successful transaction.

I would be happy to give any of my clients or contacts an unqualified recommendation as to you and your company's services.  This is especially true of the larger transactions which may involve more sophisticated analysis and support.

I have greatly enjoyed working with you, and hope we have the opportunity to work together often in the future.

Grady Thrasher, Closing Attorney


He (Jay Whitney) can help you evaluate the business from a financial perspective better than any other business broker I had dealt with.

Business Buyer


In another day I'll have had owned the business a month …When asked how I came to be here, a map comes to mind with a very curvy line that traces my steps over the last few months. You are very prominently represented in the picture by a solid arrow that continually points forward. Your steadfast attention to details, focus on the critical issues and professionalism served well to keep the process alive and moving.

The canvassing, selection, and interviews of prospects took place over a short period of time. The previous owner very recently commented to me that there were times that she was just ready to give up on the sale and your diligence is what kept her attention.

I'm certain that this arrangement would not have been possible without your help and I extend my sincere thanks.

Terri Finazzo, Acquisition Search Client


I hope you are able to use this referral letter for future business.  I have learned a bachelors degree worth from you over the last year.

Acquisition Search Client


The primary reason these deals have come together so well is because of your tireless work to bring nervous buyers and sellers together.  I appreciate greatly the opportunity to work on your deals and look forward to working with you again in the (hopefully) near future.

I'm glad to hear the transition is going well for _____. 

Closing Attorney