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Has The Value of Your Business Decreased?
If you do not have the same focus, intensity, and passion for managing the day-to-day details of the business as you had when you were growing the business, and your company can answer "yes" to two or more of the questions below, then it is likely that the value of your business has fallen. If your company can answer "yes" to five or more of the following questions, then your company is probably experiencing major difficulty and its value has fallen substantially.



·        Adjusted Profits down by more than 20% over any of the last five years?

·        Gross Margin as a percentage of revenue has decreased by 15% over any of the last five years?

·         Lost money in any recent quarter?

·         Spending too much time juggling which suppliers to pay?

·         Taxes past due?


·        Productivity has decreased by more than 10%, using industry benchmarks?

·         Number of customer complaints increased noticeably?

·         Number of returned items increased from customers?

·         Employee morale slipped?

·         Number of rejections in production increased?

·         Lots of inventory, but not the right parts to complete a production item?

·         Shipment of complete orders slowed measurably or you have begun shipping partial orders?


·        Prices charged have not kept up with increases in competitors' pricing? (Or, has it has been a while since you checked competitors' prices?)


·         Default with lender for either covenant violation or payment deficiency?

·         Lender cut off additional advances?


We can help you resolve these problems to improve corporate performance and implement value enhancements. All discussions will be handled in the strictest confidence

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Jay Whitney, President