Welcome to Business Development Solutions

Welcome to Business Development Solutions

Welcome to Business Development SolutionsWelcome to Business Development Solutions


Nationwide, we help clients in the process of buying & selling Businesses, and financing .

We help clients with: valuations, due diligence, financing, & refinancing.

We help improve corporate performance for Companies thinking of selling in the near future and wanting to increase their valuation. We also assist new business buyers during the most critical period of time right after an acquisition by providing Chief Financial Officer Services a few hours each week or month.


Are you searching for a business to buy, but have not found the right one yet? Have you only looked at businesses "listed" for sale? Our clients realize that most successful acquisitions are usually of businesses that are not "listed" for sale.

·  Many successful business owners want to sell their businesses but are "hidden" because they are not "listed" as for sale. We value the best "hidden" targets, and help in the due diligence investigation.

· An acquisition search produces proprietary deal flow and can produce much better results than only looking at "listed" businesses. It is unlikely that many "listed" businesses will really match a potential purchaser's acquisition criteria. If one does, many times there are other potential buyers also bidding on the company which, in the end, can produce a high price, hurried decisions, or be a waste of time.

· Many more Business Owners are willing to talk to one party about selling their business (as an alternative to listing it for sale) because they are not "marketing" their business for sale. At some point, every business owner does Exit Planning or considers selling his/her business. 


We provide  Exit Planning & Valuations for Business Owners thinking of selling their business. You get:

·  An evaluation of how much the business would sell for now.

·  Ways to get the most money from a business sale – after taxes.

·  What can be done to get your business "in shape" to increase its value.

We want to be your advisor whether you want to sell immediately after our evaluation or wait several years. 

Our practice is based on the belief that a successful business sale/acquisition requires knowledgeable participants and a sense of positive gain to both the buyer and seller. By providing comprehensive assistance before, during, and after the sale/acquisition, we assure our buyers and sellers the greatest possible opportunity for financial success.

Contact us if you are interested in buying or selling a business.

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