We understand the complexities of buying and selling businesses. There are many issues involved in selling a business and, the bigger the business, the more complex the process.

Phase I - Business Analysis

Businesses sell when both buyer and seller agree on a price. That’s why it’s important to understand the buyer’s viewpoint when he looks at your business. Will he/she see the same value you do? Possibly more? Perhaps less? Business Analysis is research performed as if a buyer were scrutinizing your company. The result of this allows us to deal with buyers' requests for due diligence in a timely manner. It also provides a break or decision making point as to whether to go to market at once, eliminate any impediments to a sale, or start implementing our recommendations to increase the business's value.

A crucial step in this first process of selling a business for the highest price is understanding the many aspects of a business, including industry trends, competition, niches, life expectancy of products/services, market definition, market share, legislative factors, world influences and of course, what motivates a buyer in your particular industry.

Analysis and comparison of your company's operating and financial results with industry standards allows us to understand how your business is operates in your market and why, what factors are limiting your business, and what would happen if they were removed. Because most privately owned businesses minimize taxes, we analyze your financials to recast the true higher profitability that is critical in determining the value of your business. 

Valuing a business takes in-depth knowledge and a strong dose of practical experience. Our valuations looks at both the textbook version and the reality of today’s M&A marketplace. It considers what similar businesses have sold for and the availability and cost of financing for a potential buyer. Historical Recasted Earnings are generally used in valuations, but, if the future is expected to be substantially different than the past, than Future Sustainable Earnings can be used. Based on everything, we calculate the range of offers your business will likely receive.  

You'll know what your business is worth and why. 

Value Enhancement Opportunities uncovered can considerably increase the value of a business. These opportunities, if they are present in your business, will be detailed out.  These Value Enhancement Opportunities can either be implemented with some effort on the part of the owners, or with our firm helping you in corporate performance improvements.

Exit Planning can make a big difference. Time spent with your CPA and personal financial planner on tax planning issues such as Assets vs. Shares, Real Estate included or excluded, and Consulting / Employment agreements, can make a considerable impact on what you take home after taxes. 

The Phase One Business Analysis presents you with a clear understanding of your Business' Value, its problems, challenges and opportunities.

Phase II - Marketing

Marketing starts once a decision has been made to go to market. We develop a comprehensive program to target, search, research, approach, and attract the best buyers available. Maintaining confidentiality is critical during this phase.

Customized Buyer Research – For mid-sized businesses, we will perform an extensive search of numerous databases throughout the United Statesto identify potential buyers of your mid-sized business. You play an active role with us at this stage, to review and approve targeted potential buyer. This fresh database of potential strategic and financial buyers is researched and contacted.

Marketing in many ways - Confidential marketing on the Merger & Acquisition web sites, trade publications, and Wall Street Journal ads. We have a proprietary database of +1,000 potential buyers whom we have pre-existing relations with. Marketing to +1,000 CPA's, attorneys, & personal financial planners – because they sometimes know when their clients want to buy businesses

We create and send to both potential strategic and financial buyers a blind (anonymous) profile that emphasize the future strengths of that business, its markets, customers, employees and suppliers. The reason buyers buy businesses is based on its future.

Confidential Business Review – A marketing oriented book that explains the company, its strengths, and future opportunities. Is given only to those potential buyers who demonstrate that they are financial capable of making an acquisition and who sign a confidentiality agreement 

Your Support Team, including your lawyer, accountant, tax planner, and other specialists should be brought in early, to allow them time to plan and to be part of the process. 

Buyers from all the country routinely contact us, looking for opportunities. We carefully screen the motivational and financial qualification of all potential buyers. Confidentiality Agreements must be signed as part of the screening process. Selling a business can be a time consuming proposition, so our goal is having you focus your time only the qualified prospects.

Strategic or Synergistic Buyers tend to pay more for a business than investment or employment buyers. It is important to search for these prospects during the initial stages of a buyer search program.

Phase III - Negotiating and Closing

Negotiations occur over a broad range of topics and issues. We represent your interests all through the intense process to work out the fine details of the formal agreements. 

Due Diligence requires careful control in directing the proper information to the buyers. If appropriate documentation is done from the start, then there should be no surprises or problems that develop which could delay or prevent a successful closing.

We provide fully integrated advisory services. Only half of the job is finding the right buyer who will pay your price and meet your terms.  The other half is getting that buyer to the closing table by negotiating with selected buyers, managing due diligence, assisting the buyer with financing, and completing the transaction at the best possible structure and price (after tax).  We quarterback the deal, work with the CPAs, lawyers, banks, and other third parties that could endanger the transaction's success.  We realize that you depend on us to guide you through the sale of your business. We make the transition simple and easy for you.

Closing is when many transactions fail. Our experience in this arena will aid a proper closing.


How can you be sure you obtain the highest and best price for your Business?

By increasing the odds of getting the deal done. Business brokers in the industry sell, on average, 25% to 33% of their client companies… while we sell 80% of ours. Our goal is to produce a number of offers for your business, so you can choose the deal you prefer.

· Knowing how and where to locate the best buyer is not just an important part of a successful sale - it's crucial. Potential buyers of mid-sized businesses are often in different industries from the companies they acquire. Identifying the best buyer involves a creative and comprehensive marketing strategy that can cross industry categories and can target buyers on a local, regional and national basis.

· Competitive bidding between potential buyers increases the price.

We provide creative, confidential, and persistent marketing.

Should I ask my CPA, attorney, or personal financial planner to find a buyer for my business?

They are not experts in marketing businesses or creating a competitive auction for your business.

What are the most common reasons why deals do not close?

· Financial performance of the potential seller decreases. The seller needs to grow and operate the business as if it is not being sold. We have had cases where the seller did not spend the normal marketing expenses or put in the normal sales effort in the final months before the expected sales date because the benefit of those efforts would accrue to the buyer.

· Due diligence surprises is the second most common reason. This is why we prepare for the due diligence before we contact potential buyers.


Perhaps more than anything else, we bring Sellers peace of mind… knowing that the process will be kept confidential… that you can focus on running your business and maintaining its value while your interests will be represented from the beginning to the closing… that you will deal with qualified buyers… and most importantly, that you will get real value for all the years of hard work you put into your business.

If you are interested in selling your business, now or in the next few years, call to find out more about how we can help you and tell you ...

Who is the last person to whom you should consider selling to.

How to structure the deal to your advantage.

All discussions will be handled in the strictest confidence

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Jay Whitney, President