In addition to helping clients find and buy businesses that are not "listed" for sale (our specialty), we can help clients, as a Buyers Broker, acquire companies "listed" for sale by other business brokers.

Why you should contact us to represent you as a Buyer's Broker in a potential business acquisition instead of just first contacting the listing broker yourself:

·  Wasted Time - Not using an buyer's broker that is experienced in business acquisitions can be costly in the negotiations, and in your time spent on potential acquisitions that do not result in a deal.

·  Higher Prices - The listing broker represents the Seller. Legally, everything you say or provide to the listing broker can by used by the Seller in the negotiations to get a higher price from you.

·  No Cost – In most cases, listing brokers will co-broker or split their fees with buyer's brokers, so there is no cost to you.

·  We are on your side in getting all material facts -

o  Listing Brokers representing the Seller are legally required to provide material facts, BUT what is considered a material fact is limited by law. If the Seller’s Broker discloses more information than legally required by law, and those facts are not in the Seller’s favor, they could be sued by the seller.

o  For Example: In Georgia, a Broker representing the Seller is legally required to only provide information on competitors, or potential competitors, within one mile of a business. If they know that a potential competitor is building a new facility more than one mile away, unless the Seller has approved the disclosure of that information, they should not disclose it.

·  We provide advice, not just facts – Listing Brokers representing the Seller are legally prohibited from providing advice to the buyer. We will be on your side, representing your interests in making a sound, profitable business acquisition.

The web sites below show businesses "listed" for sale. If you are interested in any of these businesses please contact us before contacting the listing broker.

·  Georgia & Florida Associations of Business Brokers (GABB & BBF) - Most business brokers in Georgia & Florida belong to these associations. Small & medium sized businesses

·  BizBuySell – - Small & medium sized businesses. This has more businesses listed for sale than any other web site.

·  Merger Network – Has more mid-sized businesses listed for sale than any other web site.

· International Business Broker Association (IBBA) - The IBBA is the largest business broker association in the country with over a thousand members. Small & medium sized businesses.

· M&A -  Medium sized businesses

·  Business Broker.Net -

·  BizMls -

·  BizQuest -

·  Business Brokers Network - - Small & medium sized businesses.

·  MergerPlace -

·  Acquireo -

·  Mid-Atlantic Business Broker Association (Virginia & Maryland) -

·  Florida Business Broker Association (FBBA) - – A large minority of Florida Business Brokers belong to this association.

·  Texas Association of Business Broker (TABB) -

·  GlobalBX - difficult to search

·  Biz For Sale - difficult to search

·  BizHwy Businesses For Sale -

·  BizTrader -

·  Businesses For-Sale - – small businesses – difficult to search

·  Businesses For Sale US -

·  Businesses For Sale -

·  Business Nation -

·  Buy Sell Business Exchange -

·  Merger Place -

·  Sell Businesses-

·  Bizilla -

·  The Biz Seller -

·  USA Biz Mart -

·  Sell Biz Today- 

·  FirstList - - medium sized businesses, difficult to search

·  VR Business Brokers - – franchisor of business brokers

·  Atlanta Journal & Constitution Businesses for Sale Classified Ads  - - Small businesses 

·  BuyTradeBiz -

·  SellBizToday -  - difficult to search

Listings from the following are mostly from commercial real estate agents (as opposed to Business Brokers); therefore, information on the businesses listed for sale tends to be very limited. Therefore, it is even more important to have on your side a Buyer's Broker who is experienced in business acquisitions.

·  Commercial Source -

·  Loop Net - Requires you to register, for free, before searching.

Call to find out more about how we can help you make sound, profitable acquisitions from any of the businesses listed for sale by other business brokers.

Business Development Solutions

Jay Whitney, President