Are you looking to acquire a business but can't because the deals that happen to be available now do not satisfy your objectives?

We can help you acquire a business that are not "listed" for sale as well as companies listed for sale.  We can help prevent buyers from overpaying for an acquisition. 

Importantly, if a deal is shown to you, is it the right deal?  Are the price and terms realistic? If you are like most people, you do not make acquisitions often or has yet to make one.  

Only a few targets may meet your business acquisition needs.

Of course, most successful business acquisitions are "hidden" because the targets are not listed as "for sale".  This can make locating a target business difficult and time consuming.

Business Development Solutions (BDS) helps you evaluate the targets for you that are "hidden" to assist you in finding the best ones. We help value them, and help you close the deal using valuation source information, analytical skills, and our industry insights.

We can provide some distinct advantages to you:

·  You you get more strategic advice, due diligence analysis, valuations, assistance in securing financing, and transaction management assistance than normally offered by business brokers. We are on your side.

BDS believes that an acquisition search can produce much better results than the traditional method of only looking at businesses that are "for sale". It is unlikely that many businesses that are listed "for sale" will really match a potential purchaser's acquisition criteria. If one does, many times other potential buyers are also bidding on the company which, in the end result, can produce a high price, hurried decisions, or be a waste of time.

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Business Development Solutions

Jay Whitney, President