WHY USE USWe have a much higher success rate than most Business Brokers:

·  From the Buyer side, the industry average is only 3% of all potential buyers succeed in buying a company within the first year and only 5% eventually buy… while we help 75% of our buyer clients buy businesses. We have done significantly more Buyer side acquisition searches than any other business broker firm in Georgia.

· The rest of the industry sells, on average, 25% to 33% of their client companies… while we sell 80% of ours.

Our professional team provides a much higher level of service than most business brokers.

Business Development Solutions (BDS) involves ourselves in business acquisition and sale transactions when we believe we have something unique to contribute.

BDS concentrates on business sale/acquisition transactions:

·  Too small to be of interest to investment bankers,

·  Requiring more financial and strategic advice and transaction management assistance than normally offered by business brokers.

We Add Value

·  We do more than just introduce the parties. We assist our clients along every step of the business sale/acquisition process until the transaction is complete.

·  We try to understand a client's objectives, resources, and limits in searching for a transaction and before recommending one. If a transaction is not in the client's best interest, we will recommend against it.


·  Our "Buyer" clients are not limited to a small number of active sellers located in the Atlanta area. Our connections and research will give clients access to a number of business owners who are interested in selling their business, but are not actively looking to sell. We can co-broker with most other business brokers to show you their "exclusive" listings.

·  We market our "Seller" clients in more ways than most business brokers. We make direct contact with synergistic buyers and referral sources (CPAs, Attorneys,…) while maintaining confidentiality. We expect to make 1,000+ contacts for each "Seller" client. Of course, for some "Seller" clients, we target only a few potential buyers who would value our client based on unique strategic benefits that only those few buyers could realize.

We Look Out for Our Clients

·  We represent our clients and look out for our client's best interests - always. Even when we co-broker with other business brokers to show a "Buyer" client one of their listings, we represent our client as a buyer agent. Most other business brokers in this situation would represent the seller.

·  For corporate clients, we strive to maintain the confidentiality of the acquiring firm when the client desires anonymity.


·  We accept a limited number of clients.

·  We will work with "Buyer" clients to find a business that meets their acquisition criteria. We understand that the businesses available for sale at the time a buyer contacts us will not necessary meet their objectives - and we will not try to sell a business that does not meet that objective.

·  We do not accept "Seller" clients that we do not expect to sell. We will prepare a professional "Confidential Business Review" that is the quality of Business Reviews prepared by major investment bankers.

Post Acquisition Service

·  Using the conventional approach to buying a business, 85% of acquisitions do not meet the original goals of the Buyer. We provide "post-deal" acquisition integration. We can coordinate & oversee the many financial issues after our client has acquired a business. During the due diligence investigation, we understand the financial aspects of a business as well as or better than many clients do.


·  We are result oriented and will structure engagement agreements which are largely contingent upon successful completion of a transaction.

To read references on Business Development Solutions, please refer our Testimonials.


·  Carolina Virginia Business Brokers Association -Member since 2011- Board of Directors: 2015 - 2017

·  International Business Broker Association - IBBA University - Being a member of the International Business Broker Association since 1997, which is the educational association for Business Intermediaries, I have completed all of the course work applicable to the acquisition/sale of upper "Main Street" businesses as well as "Lower Middle Market" mergers & acquisitions. . . generally companies valued from $500,000 to over $20 million.

·  Mergers & Acquisition Source (for brokers that are deal makers for larger businesses) – member since 1997

·  Georgia Lenders Quality Circle - Southeast Small Business Lenders Association (for SBA Lenders)

 · Georgia Association of Business Brokers – member 1994 to 2010 - Past Instructor at meetings - Newsletter editor for five years. 

· Network for Business Angels and Investors (group of investors who generally buy less than majority interest in privately held businesses with good growth potential) – member 1995 to 2005 - Newsletter editor of "The Venture Capitalist" for four years.


Business Development Solutions (BDS) was started in 1992. Jay Whitney, President, has an MBA from Georgia State University and has successfully completed the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Examination. Jay Whitney has been an adjunct professor of Entrepreneurship at Reinhardt College and has taught classes in entrepreneurship at Kennesaw State University. His experience includes three years as the interim Chief Financial Officer for a national franchisor where he helped prepare business plans for fifteen new franchisees requiring financing in its franchise system. Prior to starting BDS, he worked in financial management in the office furniture distribution, food service, soft drink franchising, and candy/snack food manufacturing businesses.

He has published articles on in the North Fulton Chamber of Commerce Newspaper, the International Business Brokers Association newsletter, and the Atlanta Business Chronicle.