Types of Assignments / Transaction Structures:

Exit Planning & Valuations

Are you thinking of selling your business? Do you know:

·  How much your business would sell for now?

·  Ways to get the most money from a business sale – after taxes?

·  If you are not selling now, what can be done to get your business "in shape" to increase its value?

Business Owners generally want the most money from selling their business but do not know how to value it or have the Exit Planning advisors with the practical experience to guide them.

Corporate Performance Improvement / "Just-in-Time" Chief Financial Officer Services

· The value of a business is based on its recent three years of Adjusted Profits and expectations of profits in the future. We can help you plan and implement the steps needed to increase its value.

·  We assist new business buyers during the most critical period of time right after an acquisition by providing Chief Financial Officer Services a few hours each week or month.

While we have represented a wide range of satisfied clients, the Mergers & Acquisitions transactions that we are typically involved with are with Companies with Values of $500,000 to $20 Million in the following situations:

Business Sale / Acquisition

· Will the sale of your business help you obtain financial security?

· Do you have the same focus, intensity, and passion for managing the day-to-day details of the business as you had when you were growing the business? If not, will the business suffer and its value suffer?

· Are you willing to continue with the intrinsic risks of business ownership? These include risks like an economic slow down, key employees leaving, increased competition, loss of key customers, declining health ...

The seller sells all of the Company to a buyer and after a transition period, you move on with your life.

Management Buyout

· Does your Company's key management team wish to acquire their private company? A buyout firm or strategic investor would generally acquire a majority of the Company. The seller is paid cash and the management is receives a sizeable equity stake in the newly capitalized company. Management retains operating control of the business and gains a financial partner with deep pockets.

Corporate Divestiture

· Does your Company's key management team wish to purchase their division from the parent corporation? Normally, these divisions no longer strategically fit with the parent company's core business. A buyout firm or strategic investor would provide the financial backing that key management needs to successfully complete the acquisition.


· Are you the owner of a mid-sized business who desires to diversify your assets for estate planning needs or just wants to pull some cash from your business by liquidating a portion of your equity stake while retaining operating control of your company? You get to involve yourself in the long-term growth in the value of your business while typically eliminating personal guarantees.

Family Succession

· Do younger family members of the elder owner wish to buy the ownership from the senior generation or from outside shareholders? A buyout firm can provide the financial resources so the active family members can secure operating control and a significant equity ownership, while the elder selling shareholders achieve liquidity. This ensures that the business stays within the family and maintains its identity with the community.

Distressed Companies or Companies with Significant Past Due Tax Problems

· Is your Company burdened by so much debt that it seams that no matter how hard or how long you work, you will never pay off all the debts? Selling your Company may get you the cash to pay off all of the debts or at least the transaction structure can allocate the proceeds to pay off those debts which you have personally guaranteed. You get a fresh start.

Industry Expertise

We have experience in a wide array of industries, but the same Merger & Acquisitions fundamentals apply across all of them. Our market knowledge of these industries may be of interest. Industries include:


·  Food Processing

·  Heavy Equipment Parts – After Market

·  Cabinets / Hardwoods Manufacturing

·  Printing

·  Diaper Manufacturing


·  Fuel, Oil, & Propane Distribution

·  Vehicle Repair Distribution

·  Wine & Distilled Beverage Wholesaler


·  Air Freight

·  Garbage Collection

·  Truck Transportation

·  Courier Service


·  Commercial Landscaping

·  Executive Recruiting & Employee Staffing

·  Prepress Firm

·  Carpet Cleaning

·  Multiple Childcare facilities

·  Healthcare

·  Heating & Air Conditioning


·  Underground Utilities

·  Parking Lot Paving & Stripping

·  Stucco Siding Repair


·  GardenCenter

·  Movie Theater

·  Title Pawn

If you are interested any of the above specialties, call to find out more about how we can help you. All discussions will be handled in the strictest confidence.

Business Development Solutions

Jay Whitney, President