We can be your "Virtual CFO" or "Just-in-time" talent. We provide just what you want, only when you need it. If you need high-quality business talent, but don't need it full time, why pay for it full time?

We provide the particular talent for the specific need. These include many Chief Financial Officer functions, such as: profit enhancement; cost reduction; operations & financial analysis; business plan development & writing; development of business performance indicators; product line & distribution channel contribution analysis; modeling, forecasting & budgeting; securing financing; deal & contract terms structuring & negotiation; acquisitions; business analysis.

We generally work in the following situations:

·  Improve corporate performance for Companies thinking of selling in the near future and wanting to increase their valuation.

·  Assist new business buyers during the most critical period of time right after an acquisition by providing Chief Financial Officer Services a few hours each week or month.

·  Due diligence for business buyers who have already found an acquisition.

·  Distressed business sales & acquisitions – We have expertise to help the seller or buyer through the process.

Increase the Valuation of a Company

The value of a business is based on its recent thee years of Adjusted Profits and expectations of profits in the future. We can help you "groom your business for sale" by undertaking an in-depth analysis of your business and then assisting in the planning and implementing of those steps needed to increase its value.

·  Operational & financial analysis.

·  Business performance indicators.

·  Product line profitability.

·  Strategy assessment & development.

·  Competitor & market analysis.

·  Modeling, forecasting, & budgeting, including "what-if" scenario's

See the article on "Seven Things that Determine the Value of a Business". If the assessment shows that you should postpone selling, the goal will be to place your business in an entirely different light to potential buyers. (Has the value of your business decreased? See this quick checklist.)

Post Acquisition Service

Using the conventional approach to buying a business, 85% of acquisitions do not meet the original goals of the Buyer. We provide "post-deal" acquisition integration. We can coordinate & oversee the many financial issues after our client has acquired a business. During the due diligence investigation, we understand the financial aspects of a business as well as or better than many clients do.

Cost analysis, control, & reduction

In addition to identifying and evaluating cost reduction possibilities, we can help with:

·  cost benefit analysis;

·  overhead analysis;

·  product line and distribution channel cost analysis;

·  marketing and sales costs analysis;

·  direct costs analysis, & appropriate allocation of overhead;

·  make-vs.-buy analysis, lease-vs.-buy analysis, & out-source analysis;

·  materials and procurement costs & supplier negotiations;

·  labor cost and efficiency analysis;

·  equipment acquisitions;

·  shipping, telecommunications, & travel costs;

·  on-going cost control, budgeting, and forecasting;

·  key information identification and collection;

·  physical inventory; and,

·  trends, projections, benchmarks, & goal-setting.

Call us to find out if our experience might help cut costs.

Profit enhancement

Improving profitability can be addressed from a number of different aspects. Is your overhead out of line? Will layoffs help, or will they actually hurt you in the long run? Are your cost allocations being done in a manner that distorts which product lines are helping and which are hurting? Are there certain products or services that should have their price increased even if that means losing a substantial volume of business? Can you develop new channels of distribution?

Are there opportunities for a strategic alliance with a non-competitor, where you could each benefit from cross-selling? What about exports? Are there perhaps ways to improve productivity? If you enhanced the service associated with a particular product, could you raise prices even more than the incremental costs? What about expanding into a new territory? Would you be better off out-sourcing some of your cost structure? Is your sales and marketing effort structured appropriately?

Too often, attempts to increase profitability are largely limited to three areas: raising prices, if possible; cutting costs; and, several ways to try to increase sales volumes. These areas are indeed important; no doubt you have tried them all. We can bring in experiences gained from many businesses, to help you think creatively and strategically about increasing your bottom line. We can also perform assessments, and perhaps come up with non-obvious ways to cut costs.

Professional Services for Prospective Business Acquirers:

When it is done well, acquiring an established business can be the best and quickest way to enter a new market or industry. When it is done poorly, it can spell disaster for the acquirer. We can help make the difference.

As you know, a successful acquisition is often the foundation of "moving up to the next level" in a particular industry. In some cases it can be an efficient way to increase capacity or acquire market share, technical capabilities, or key intellectual property.

"Success" in an acquisition doesn't mean merely closing the deal and gaining control of the target, it is being successful after you buy the business.

In order for an acquired business or operation to turn out well for the acquirer, several key factors have to be right: the target, the price, the terms, and the transition. We can help you assess and handle all these factors. Our acquisition services include:

·  strategy assessments and research

·  detailed financial & operational analysis of identified targets

·  competitor & market research

·  deal structuring, including terms & conditions

·  Letters of Intent; Purchase Agreements

·  negotiations

·  due diligence

·  interviewing the target company's CFO, CPA, management & others

·  Transitional management, integration, and turnarounds, post-acquisition cost-cutting, and profit enhancement in the acquired entity.

Due Diligence of Business Acquisitions:

In order to effectively perform due diligence, one must have an understanding of what really matters with respect to the decision at hand. Often, this requires an understanding of competitive industry landscapes, the customer market place, operations, financial aspects, business development, strategy, and business analysis. Without this kind of experience and understanding, it is difficult to go beyond the standard check lists, and to truly know what may be significant, what the significant risks specific to this situation may be, what to look for, what to ask, and who to question.

Due diligence is not only an essential step in any significant business acquisition; it can sometimes be the most important step.

Our due diligence services generally supplement other due diligence efforts – such as in the legal and tax area, or they may be an intentionally limited, narrow-focus probe. We optimize the effort to fit within the time and budget requirements of the client, and can jointly map-out with the client the areas of concern and risk. We can provide short-notice, fast-turnaround due diligence reports where needed. If appropriate, we can develop an independent business analysis, complete with cash flow, objective historical pro forma forecasts, range-of-outcomes (sensitivity analysis), and clearly stated assumptions and dependencies. We can also work with (or bring in) legal experts, and other key specialists as may be needed.

Distressed Asset Acquisitions

Perhaps you are experienced in this arena. If not, you should consider this profile: You are shrewd, and take calculated risks after you have checked things out. You try to buy near the bottom, rather than when something's "hot" and everyone's buying. You are not afraid to try unconventional approaches if they make sense. You know that in order to score big you will lose some; you take a pragmatic approach to this, by doing your homework thoroughly. You view professional help as a powerful and worthwhile tool which can leverage your efforts. "Thinking outside the box" and buying for pennies on the dollar appeal to you.

During any economic cycle there are significant opportunities to acquire discounted assets and illiquid companies. During good periods there is lending done to lower-quality situations, which will eventually lead to increases in some defaults.

When money is tight it creates a liquidity crisis at many businesses which, in a more typical time, would have simply re-financed and continued their normal operations. Cash becomes king. Investors that have it can take advantage of this situation.

Services for Prospective Acquirers of Distressed Businesses

Buying a business which may be near bankruptcy, foreclosure, or have substantial past due tax problems, offers both significant opportunity and a significant difference from more "typical" acquisitions. There are a number of strategies, techniques, and analytical tools which can be very helpful here. For example:

If a company has significant past due payroll taxes, a buyer may structure an asset purchase offer to pay off just the trust fund tax debt for the seller. The previous owner walks away without any personal liability for the remaining penalties & interest and other non-trust fund payroll liabilities.

A careful analysis may show that a target operation's cash flow could become quite acceptable if certain profit enhancement and cost reduction actions are taken, thereby significantly enhancing the underlying value of the operation.

A secured lender could sell the company for the amount of the loan (or even less) and finance the acquisition also.

We have experience in the financial and business implications of these processes. We can assess a particular situation and help you to achieve your objectives. In addition to helping with issues such as those illustrated above, we can put together proposals; interview their CFO, CPA, management, and others; do cash burn rate projections and a liquidation analysis; perform due diligence; discuss and possibly refine your strategy; and perform various business assessments.

We have particular skills, experience, and services which can be useful in this arena.

Whether your needs are of an intermittent or periodic basis, or regularly-scheduled part-time, or just for a few hours for a pressing immediate need, we may be able to provide you the talent you need to help meet the challenges facing your business.

Our job is to help you make and keep your money. Call to find more about how we can help you in any of the above situations. All discussions will be handled in the strictest confidence.

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